June 13, 2017

Hi again!  I just came back from a vacation in Mexico.  While there with my family, we went to visit a Mayan Village that we have been visiting and bringing them some gifts since few years ago. 

 I personally want to thank you again for your purchases, because of that I was able to bring some exciting gift to the kids.  I was able to bring them some of the necklaces I make and some donations from a skateboard's company from here,Utah.  Also T-shirts, jeans, etc.  

It was crazy how much joy skateboarding can bring to kids even though some of them has never seeing a skateboard before! It feels really coo...

March 27, 2017

I want to give you an update about some of the projects I have worked on lately.  Last March I donated a percentage, of the money I made, thanks to your purchases, to the "Samoa Building a School Project".  They needed school supplies, so I was able to purchase some supplies and send them to them through some friends that are also working to help them find the cure for Rheumatic Fever.  Thank you so much for your purchases!!

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