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"Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world."

-Harriet Tubman

Hi, I'm Daniel Malzl, founder & owner of Rebirth Rings™. I started my business at age 14 in November 2016.  As long as I can remember, I had always wanted to build my own businesses that I can be passionate about and enjoy serving clients that I can relate to.  As an avid skateboarder, I recognized my opportunity to create skateboard rings out of broken skateboards when I came across a picture of a recycled skateboard ring.  It sort of hit me like a light bulb and just made sense - and Rebirth Rings™ was born.


The first person I told about my business idea was my father who had started his own jewelry career as a goldsmith apprentice in his home country, Austria, at age 16. He excitedly made his tools and machinery available to me for my new business. 

It’s fun to think of Rebirth Rings™ as a second generation jewelry business, giving rebirth not only to broken skateboards, but also to a family business that had started in Austria back in 1983 and has been reborn in Mapleton, Utah, 33 years later. Kinda cool, don't you think?

I am excited to bring my "Handmade in Mapleton, Utah & Lai'e, Hawai'i" collection of recycled skateboard jewelry to market for skateboarders and recycled jewelry enthusiasts alike!

Finally, I strongly believe that “to whom much is given, much is required”.  The greatest joy in life comes from selfless service, not from money and heaping up material possessions.  That’s why it's very important to me that a portion of all Rebirth Rings™ proceeds go to a worthy cause to help make this world a better place. I chose to support Rheumatic Rescue, an absolutely fantastic and admirable non-profit foundation and network of medical professionals, scientists and volunteers.

Together, they are working selflessly and without monetary compensation, to reduce the burden of rheumatic heart disease in children in Samoa and other areas of the world. Glad to be part of it!


Now, enjoy browsing our collection of hand made recycled skateboard jewelry and find perfect piece for you or a gift for family and amigos!

Live passionately, do good, make a difference, and follow your dream!

Daniel A. Malzl

Founder & CEO Rebirth Rings™

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