Hyped to drop our first collab, with BADSOUP! We decided to try something new with the shape, and hand wood burn the enitials and logo of rebirth rings on top. Badsoup is a Magazine and clothing company, throwing events, and engaging the community through creativity. This ring of beauty is limited time only so get one while you can! (ALSO COMES WITH NEW REBIRTH AND BADSOUP STICKERS)

BADSOUP x Rebirth Rings (Wood engrave)

  • In the unlikely event that your Rebirth Ring breaks or chips within one year of purchase date, simply send it back to us and receive a brand new replacement at no cost - no questions asked! Hey, we know things happen. If boards break, so can rings, right? Just be careful out there and don't break your fingers. We can't do anything about that. Although we gladly would, if we could.

    Mailing address:


    Attn: Returns & Warranty

    224 S. Main Street

    PO Box 424

    Springville, UT 84663



    Please include the following:

    1. Broken or damaged ring

    2. Rebirth Rings receipt showing date of purchase

    3. Your fingersize

    4. Any special instructions

    5. $5.00 cash or check just to cover our shipping cost

    6. Your name and mailing address

  • Hand crafted skateboard ring, made from recycled skateboard deck. 7 multicolor layers of durable American Maple. Each ring is comfort-fit shaped on the inside to ensure smooth, comfortable fit. The ring is double coated with a layer of scratch-resistant shellack lacquer for shine and protection.