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Honoring Sam Simpson

Over the years, Rebirth has released a lot of unique products with mindful, intentional messages. However, none of these products have been as meaningful as a very special T-shirt. Release day of the T-shirt "Sam's Waves of Wisdom" is June 10, which is Sam Simpson's Birthday.

Here's the back story: Sam passed away unexpectedly last year in August 2022. About a year before his passing he had a very spiritual experience at a mountain lookout on O'ahu, Hawaii together with his close friend Daniel Malzl, founder and owner of Rebirth Rings.

Shortly before his burial, Sam's family noticed a mysterious tattoo on his legs with coordinates of a location in the Kooaloa mountain range on the North Shore on O'ahu, Hawaii. They reached out to Daniel, who is currently serving a mission in Guatemala, asking if he knows anything about these coordinates. Daniel related that Sam and he had a very spiritual epiphany at that exact location they had hiked up to as they were watching the ocean waves below.

This limited edition special non-profit release T-shirt is in Sam's favorite color and features the exact lookout spot and the coordinates on the front. The back of the T-shirt contains a poetic summary of Sam's epiphany he had at this location.

The T-shirt is modeled by Sam's siblings in the beautiful mountain meadows in Hobble Creek Canyon right behind Sam's hometown Mapleton, Utah. Credit for all artistic design goes to Melanie Malzl, Daniel's sister. All of us at Rebirth Rings wish you much enjoyment, feelings of Aloha, joy, and peace as you wear this special T-shirt in honor of Sam, who is loved and missed by all of us. Until we meet again, Sam!


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