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Rebirthing Rebirth...

Just recently got back from a 2 year service mission in Guatemala. Letting go of Rebirth for those 2 years was something very difficult but was able to obtain a new lens, perspective and love for this human experience by immersing myself into the culture of Guatemala and throwing myself into the service of the people. Overtime I fell in love with the simplicity, colors, and way of living of the Guatemala people that ended up bringing lots of clarity and inspiration of where I want to take Rebirth.

Coming back is not comfortable and can for sure say it brings a lot of change and way of direction because it feels like I'm restarting.. I guess you can say this clean slate is some sort of personal Rebirth within my own life but letting it guide into this brand. Stoked to say that I will be going back to Guatemala in May to document a project that I will be collaborating with some friends I met in a village while on my mission. This project and "welcome back" Rebirth collection will be dropped late May sharing the message and importance of connecting with our roots and inner gifts we have.

The website and products will be on pause while I do some "Rebirthing" with Rebirth, and work on this Guatemala x Rebirth drop which will be released in May. (Specific dates and time will be announced)

Thankful for those who have stuck around these past few years and continue to support this vision I have! Much love, it's weird but good to be back. - Daniel


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